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Ecocultures: Blueprints for Sustainable Communities

Edited By Steffen BöhmZareen Pervez BharuchaJules Pretty

The world faces a ‘perfect storm’ of social and ecological stresses, including climate change, habitat loss, resource degradation and social, economic and cultural change. In order to cope with these, communities are struggling to transition to sustainable ways of living that improve well-being and increase resilience. This book demonstrates how communities in both developed and developing countries are already taking action to maintain or build resilient and sustainable lifestyles.


The atmosphere business

Edited By Steffen Böhm, Anna-Maria Murtola and Sverre Spoelstra

The contributions collected in this special issue of ephemera question the underlying ideologies and assumptions of carbon markets, and bring to light many of the contradictions and antagonisms that are currently at the heart of ‘climate capitalism’.


Upsetting the Offset: The Political Economy of Carbon Markets

Upsetting the Offset engages critically with the political economy of carbon markets. It presents a range of case studies and critiques from around the world, showing how the scam of carbon markets affects the lives of communities.


Repositioning Organization Theory: Impossibilities and Strategies

Repositioning Organization Theory studies the political positioning of organization theory, arguing that there are two main projects in organization theory: the positioning and depositioning projects, or the hegemonic project of management and the postmodern project respectively.


Against Automobility

 distinguished scholars from across the social sciences and humanities focus a critical theoretical gaze on the automobile or, more accurately, on the regime of automobility that conjoins a particular conception of autonomy with a particular conception of mobility and sees the automobile as the pure living embodiment of auto-mobility.

Most of my journal articles are archived and openly accessible here: 

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