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Political Ecology

Sustainability transitions are contested. Building a large wind-power farm, for example, involves large-scale land changes, impacting people and ecological systems. As the world struggles to put itself on a more sustainable footing, a whole range of approaches have emerged that promise to address multiple social, economic and environmental crises and emergencies. Sustainable mining, net-zero, circular economy, nature-based solutions or any other ‘good-sounding’ initiatives always have to be interrogated and questioned, understanding the paradoxes, contradictions and trade-offs within wider socio-ecological and politico-economic systems. One of my research foci is on understanding governance systems, understanding the dynamic interplay between business, government and civil society that operate within wider ecological systems.


  • Internal Colonialism as Socio-Ecological Fix: The Case of New Clark City in the Philippines - Journal page

  • The paradigm shift: Business associations shaping the discourse on system change - Journal page - Open access

  • Conservation, peasants and class: critical reflections on the political economy of climate change strategies in West Senegal - Journal page - Open access

  • Working through (mis)recognition: Understanding vulnerability as ambivalence in precarious worker subjectivity - Journal page

  • The Political Ontology of Corporate Social Responsibility: Obscuring the Pluriverse in Place - Journal page

  • Managing Relationally in the Ecology-in-Place: Multispecies Organizing in Ecological Restoration - Journal page - Open access

  • Ethics at the Centre of Global and Local Challenges: Thoughts on the Future of Business Ethics - Journal page

  • The perils of ecologically unequal exchange: Contesting rare-earth mining in Greenland - Journal page

  • Theory and politics in organization - Open access

  • For more pluralistic critiques of colonialism: A response to Dunlap - Journal page - Open access

  • Transactional colonialism in wind energy investments: Energy injustices against vulnerable people in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec - Journal page - Open access

  • Torn between Legal Claiming and Privatized Remedy: Rights Mobilization against Gold Mining in Chile - Journal page - Open access

  • Ecospirituality and sustainability transitions: agency towards degrowth - Journal page - Open access

  • The Politics of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives: The Crisis of the Forest Stewardship Council - Journal page - Open access

  • Ecocultures: Blueprints for Sustainable Communities - Publisher page - Open access

  • Anti-leaders(hip) in Social Movement Organizations: The case of autonomous grassroots groups - Journal page - Open access

  • Organizing the Environmental Governance of the Rare-Earth Industry: China’s Passive Revolution - Journal page - Open access

  • The Enduring State: An analysis of governance-making in three mining conflicts - Journal page - Open access

  • It’s Not Just About the Mafia! Conceptualizing Business–Society Relations of Organized Violence - Journal page - Open access

  • Towards a pluralist labor geography: Constrained grassroots agency and the socio-spatial fix in Dȇrsim, Turkey - Journal page - Open access

  • Organizational practices of social movements and popular struggles: understanding the power of organizing from below - Journal page - Open access

  • ‘1L=10L for Africa’: Corporate social responsibility and the transformation of bottled water into a ‘consumer activist’ commodity - Journal page - Open access

  • Introduction: Impossibilities of Automobility - Journal page - Open access

  • (Im)possibilities of Autonomy: Social Movements in and beyond Capital, the State and Development - Journal page - Open access

  • “The people” and resistance against international business: The case of the Bolivian “water war” - Journal page - Open access

  • Marketing the hegemony of development: of pulp fictions and green deserts - Journal page - Open access

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